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Release date: 24. July 2022

The M.I.I. Oil Holding Inc and UPI Holding Ltd (UPI) entered into a new sales and purchase agreement

for liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Under the agreement, M.I.I. Oil Holding will provide UPI with approximately 1.5 million tonnes of

LNG per annum.  The term of the agreement is 30 years.  LNG supply will commence at the end

of 2022 and will be sourced from MII's portfolio of LNG. 

His Excellency Marquis Dr. Armando Mormina, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive of

MII, said: “M.I.I. honored to conclude such a large LNG sale and purchase agreement with

UPI, with whom we have a longstanding relationship. Japan has become a significant LNG

market and this agreement with UPI further demonstrates our LNG supply capability in the

Asia Pacific territories.”

 Commercial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.