MII Oil Holding Inc.

Your partner in oil business and more

Key of Success

The MII Holding has been a notable and respected force in the Mediterranean territory since 1997. In 2006 Marquis Dr. Armando Mormina chose Monte Carlo (Principate of Monaco) to be the new headquarters of a very successful economic enterprise. The MII Holding Groupe enters the new millennium reinforcing its traditionally solid presence in the Mediterranean, in which we will inaugurate offices in Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

One of the MII Holdings companies “the MII Geothermal" moved to the Principality of Monaco from

where all new projects of Geothermal Power Plant in the Mediterranean, however, also the

adjoining Balkans country not only are controlled but also lead to the traditional security

Marquis Dr. Armando Mormina embodied, himself:

If build your company as your
would build your boat, with the
strength to sail safely and lucky
through any storm and hurricane

His Excellency Marquees
Dr. Armando Mormina