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​​MII Oil Holdings Guidelines



The buyer sends to the MII the Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) whose sample can be requested at the MII Oil Holding; 


The MII issues the Pro-forma Offer (ORIGINAL ONE) to the buyer for witness and acceptance. The buyer will accept, sign, seal, and return the Pro-forma offer (PFO) at the latest on or before the date line fixed therein to the MII including the below-listed documents;

A. Color copy of company registration;
B. Color copy of Resolution Board of Directors or Articles of Organization;
C. Color copy of Passport or Identity Card of the legal representative;

D. Letter of Disclaimer:

E. Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) signed with the tanker owner or confirmation of the port authorities;

Other more detailed forms which may be required and completed by buyers (end-users) for crude oil purchased by MII Oil Holding are the Crude Oil Sales Department Outlines (COSDO).

The MII Oil Holding does not offer crude, fuel oil, and petrochemicals to agents, brokers, intermediaries, or other individuals unless they meet the criteria below listed in item number (7) and provide proper documentation accordingly. All commodities owned and supplied by MII Oil Holding are offered to final buyers (end-users) only.

MII Oil Holding does not accept Letters of Intent (LOI) or simple Inquiries which is no longer conform to or meet the policies and ethics of MII Oil Holding or to standard international trade rules and the UN Convention on contracts for the International Sale of Goods from Vienna, 11th, April 1980 [CISG] latest edition, in addition the MII Oil Holding does not accept Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) with terms and procedures proposed by buyers (end-users), agents, brokers, and intermediaries, which is different and not compliant with the sales procedures of MII Oil Holding. 

Acceptable terms, conditions, procedures, and definitions are provided in the MII Oil Holding Sales Department sample ICPO/LOD forms that MII Oil Holding will issue to buyers (end-users) only upon request.

All inquiries from agents, brokers, intermediaries and other individuals who are acting on behalf of said “buyers (end-users)” are obligated to provide us with the following listed documents executed by the final “buyers (end-users)" only.

A.      Attestation of Mandate Position (notarized by a public notary or Embassy);
B.      Power of Attorney (notarized by a public notary or Embassy);

All inquiries from agents, brokers, intermediaries, and other individuals claiming to act on behalf of final buyers (end-user) without providing the documents listed under points (7) A-B are automatically rejected. Such persons or companies should not represent themselves to MII Oil Holding as buyers (end-users) mandate or representative again unless they can confirm this by accurate equipet documentation.

All agents, brokers, intermediary, and other individuals who in a previous inquiry was rejected by the MII and are ignoring the rejection of their inquiry, trying to resend again a new inquiry to the MII Oil Holding are automatically cease and desist notified and reported with the MII Oil Black list and in addition with the ICBLI (International Commercial Black List Index.

All agents, brokers, intermediaries, and other individuals sending inquiries ignoring and disrespecting the Guidelines for final buyers (end-users) to purchase fuel oil and petrochemicals and offending the policies and ethics of MII Oil Holding as written herein are not only automatically ceased, desist, notified and listed with the MII Oil Holding's Black list but reported for further progress to the proper authorities in the country where the agents, brokers, intermediary and individuals are located.