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UNations UNGM Reg. Number: 16856293
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The origins of a petroleum explorer and supplier

A petrol company born a long tradition

Personalized service by the MII Oil Holding Inc is

our know how and golden rules.

Prospecting for the best returns in a safe and secure future for shipping and offshore oil industries worldwide

It has been MII Holding Groupe strategy to:

Limit the technical and political risks of its activities by focusing on Oil and gas producing projects that have been initiated but not frilly developed.

Execute an agreement with a stable government and align its interests with those of several joint venture partners.

Export Oil and gas, produce and receive revenues in hard currency guaranteed by irrevocable L/C's drawn on western banks.

The principal operations of our joint ventures are contained in several Block Areas located in Caspian Sea, Middle East, Africa and South America.

The primary producing fields and refineries associates with MII Holding Groupe are giant gas accumulations within the highly prolific crude oil that stretches from the Yemen to the Caspian See.

In the first years of operations of the fields, the companies of the MII Holding and his subsidiary companies have established several western style based camps and field offices in the Middle East, Turkmenistan, Africa and South America, refurnished existing infrastructure and has produced approximately 4.9 million barrels of Oil and 12 billion cubic feet of gas.

Until now the companies initiated several programs to maximize the significant upside production potential of the companies owned by the MII Holding to enhance the production from these fields. A number of programs were initiated within the first year. These included commencement of work over programs and recompilation of existing producing wells.

S P E C I A L   N O T I F I C A T I O N


Reference: OAO Rosneft and other Russian suppliers DON’T require PRE-PAYMENT for crude and refined fuel oil

Ladies and gentleman,

We would like to point out to the fact that the board of directors of the MII Oil Holding, however, also our MII area managers and MII representative worldwide received over and over again from brokers, mandate holder and so-called prospective exit buyers several correspondences in which they allegedly claimed that the Russian oil companies including the OAO Rosneft DON’T require PRE-PAYMENT for the sale and purchase of Russian Export Blend Crude Oil (REBCO) and other refined fuel oil.

We as MII Oil Holding kindly ask all these brokers, mandate holders and so-called prospective buyers to spare the MII Oil Holding with this kind of email with which they are bringing in circulation these false claims and invented cartoon story stating that the Russian oil companies including the OAO Rosneft DON’T require PRE-PAYMENT for the sale and purchase of Russian Export Blend Crude Oil (REBCO) and other refined fuel oil, because this assertion are not only fictitious, but purely and simply wrong and we justify this not with personal explanations, but with facts that is reported on the website of OAO Rosneft and in each single link that we have extract from the website of OAO Rosneft and enclosed herein.

The below information and links that we have enclosed are posted and published on the official website of OAO at:
https://rosneft.comand is evidencing the true fact that OAO Rosneft require PRE-PAYMENT for the sale and purchase of Russian Export Blend Crude Oil (REBCO) and other refined fuel oil from each customer including state owned controlled companies and this contradicts without any doubt all the these false claims and invented cartoon story what brokers, mandate holders and so-called prospective buyers are bringing in circulation.





Yet another five-year crude oil and petroleum product supply contract was signed with Trafigura, envisaging a prepayment of up to $1.5 billion. The sale price on this contract will be in line with the price received by the Company at regular tenders.


On 21 December 2012 Rosneft agreed heads of terms for long-term crude supply contracts with Glencore International plc (‘Glencore’) and Vitol, two of the world’s leading trading companies. Under the heads of terms, Rosneft plans to sign contracts with a prepayment for a duration of 5 years to supply up to 67 mln tonnes of crude in total. The supplies are expected to commence in 2013.


Rosneft and CNPC are authorized to implement today’s agreement between Russia and China to expand cooperation in crude oil trading. In line with the agreement Rosneft and CNPC signed heads of terms of crude supplies with prepayment, which envisage contracts on additional supplies via the Skovorodino-Mohe pipeline over the next 25 years. It is planned to increase the supplies this year after the intergovernmental agreement comes into force


Before the supplies start Rosneft is to receive a prepayment of up to USD 10 bln that can be used for corporate-wide and investment purposes.

Commenting on the agreements Igor Sechin, Rosneft President and Chairman of the Management Board said: “We are happy to start the implementation of the long-term contracts after having agreed heads of terms late last year. A number of aspects constitute a landmark approach: on the one hand, we guarantee predictable supply volumes to our customers based on tender pricing, on the other – we receive prepayment that can be used for our strategic goals. The contracts are beneficial for all the parties: they support further development of Rosneft resource base, guarantee stable supplies to Glencore and Vitol, ensure energy security for end consumers and in the long term will.....


The MII Oil Holding Inc. is a United States privately held corporation, registered in Tallahassee, Florida USA as evidenced by attached registration document copies, prior to becoming a USA Corporation, the MII Oil Holding was registered in the British Virgin Islands for more than 20 years.

The MII Oil Holding was neither in the past nor today a subsidiary or an affiliated company under the control of the Russian government or Russian companies. The MII Oil Holding does not ask from prospective buyers to transfer money to cover certain services, such as handling some form of paperwork (visas, invitations, permits), contract authentication or activation with state bodies or ministries (n.b. this is not required by Russian legislation), covering transportation fees or organizing a trip for a delegation from a buyers company to visit Russia for a supposed meeting in the Moscow Rosneft office to sign the contract (Table Talk Meeting — ТТМ), etc.

The MII Oil Holding require for the sale of its product a type of guaranty in form of an specific amount called the Deposit Advance Payment (DAP) at the rate of 10% (Ten percent) of the first month cargo value and NOT the pre-payment equivalent of 100% (One hundred percent) of a one year cargo value like other suppliers. This specific amount called Deposit Advance Payment (DAP) at the rate of Ten (10%) percent of the first month cargo value is a ONETIME (unique) security pre-payment for new first time buyers only and each first time buyer has to undertake and agree that the herein mentioned amount called Deposit Advance Payment (DAP) at the rate of Ten (10%) percent of the first month cargo value is held by the MII Oil Holding in their bank in case of default or non-performance until the buyers bank send and MII Oil Holding’s bank kept the entering of the Revolving Documentary Letter of Credit (RDLC). The herein mentioned amount called Deposit Advance Payment (DAP) is then automatically credited and applied to the first payment contingent after the successful delivery and full payment (REMITTANCE 90%) of the product.

The MII Oil Holding Inc. is as already said a United States privately held corporation, registered in Tallahassee, Florida USA and irrevocable guarantees that if the MII Oil Holding does not perform as per contract the herein mentioned amount called Deposit Advance Payment (DAP) at the rate of Ten (10%) percent of the first month cargo value amount is fully refundable and immediately (WITHIN 72 BANK HOURS OF DEFAULT) returned to the buyers bank.

The founding and current Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the MII Holding Groupe, His Excellency Marquis Dr. Armando Mormina, has established either allocations or producer partnership agreements with several producing nations for the supply of Crude Oil, Refined Fuels and Liquefied natural gas (LNG). Such allocation agreements allow MII Oil Holding Inc. to offer supply on a title held basis in MII Oil Holding owned and operated vessels for CIF deliveries.

The MII Oil Holding has a long standing producer partnership with Russian oil companies that has being resulted in a unique trustee position for the supply of Russian Export Blend Crude Oil (REBCO) and many types of refined fuel derivatives. This special allocation held position allows MII Oil Holding to supply from the major Russian oil companies, and a few other major Russian refinery groups.

MII Oil Holding also retains producer partnerships with a number of refineries to supply Non-Russian origin refined fuels. The MII Oil Holding retains either allocation or production agreements with the major companies in the Middle east as for example Saudi Aramco, NIOC, ADNOC, Qatargas and others, the MII Oil Holding Inc. has in addition long standing supply contracts with both the United Nations and the U.S. Department of Defense as well as to several airlines. For buyers to make such confirmations, a level 5 security clearance is required.

The MII Oil Holding regularly deliveries into the ARA (Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam) tank farms from the major Russian ports including the ports of Klaipeda-Lithuania, and Ventspils Latvia, current tanking shortages in these tank farm limit MII contracts to CIF delivery only. All MII products are sold on a valid pro-forma offer supply contract basis, with fuel or crude oil blocked in buyer name at time of pro-forma offer issue on a title held basis. The MII Oil Holdings Guidelines can be found on our website at
http://www.mii-holding.org or simply clicking on the following link: http://www.mii-holding.org/guidelines.htmland the MII Oil Holdings terms and sales procedures can be found in our sample pro-forma offer contracts as well as on our website or simply clicking on the following link: http://www.mii-holding.org/sales-procedure.html.

The MII Oil Holding Inc is registered and approved by The United Nations and issued a registry number (United Nation/UNCSD Supplier No.: 49418 and UNGM Reg. Number: 107310). With the proper inquiry to the Russian Ministry of Energy, you will also be able to confirm the long standing position and reputation of MII Oil Holding with the U.S. Dept of Defense as well with Saudi Aramco and other producers around the world.

The companies associated with the MII Holding Groupe are being involved in the development and acquisition of oil and gas properties in the Middle East area and other parts of the world since 1982. Its wholly owned company Mormina Oil & Energy Inc., was founded in 1986, the Meridian Oil Corporation was founded in 1978, the wholly owned B & B Petrol Inc., entering in the group in 1999, and the wholly owned MII Oil Holding Inc., was founded 2011.

The MII Holding is furthermore engaged to find new resources of energy for the future and this is the reason why we have decided to issue the oldest source coming from the earth (terra), hot water with the subject to build Geothermal Power Plants around the world to produce clean and clear energy and to deliver clean power and district heating to our end user.

If you want to have more information about the Geothermal, Geothermal Power Plant and the clean energy please click on the MII Geothermal Holding banner that will link you onto the MII Geothermal Website on which you will have all necessary technical details and other information about the new power and energy of the coming future