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UNation (UNCSD) Supplier N0: 49418

UNations UNGM Reg. Number: 107310
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The origins of a petroleum explorer and supplier

​​Key of Success for individual brokers and traders interested to work and receive fees and commission for the sale and purchase of our products  ​​

A petrol company born a long tradition, personalized service by the MII Oil Holding Inc

is our know how and golden rules. Prospecting for the best returns in a safe and secure

future for shipping and offshore oil industries worldwide


The MII Holding is furthermore engaged to find new resources of energy for the future and this is the reason why we have decided to issue the oldest source coming from the earth (terra), hot water with the subject to build Geothermal Power Plants around the world to produce clean and clear energy and to deliver clean power and district heating to our end user.

It has been MII Holding Groupe strategy to:

Limit the technical and political risks of its activities by focusing on Oil and gas producing projects that have been initiated but not frilly developed.

Execute an agreement with a stable government and align its interests with those of several joint venture partners.

Export Oil and gas, produce and receive revenues in hard currency guaranteed by irrevocable L/C's drawn on western banks.

The principal operations of our joint ventures are contained in several Block Areas located in Caspian Sea, Middle East, Africa and South America.

The primary producing fields and refineries associates with MII Holding Groupe are giant gas accumulations within the highly prolific crude oil that stretches from the Yemen to the Caspian See.

In the first years of operations of the fields, the companies of the MII Holding and his subsidiary companies have established several western style based camps and field offices in the Middle East, Turkmenistan, Africa and South America, refurnished existing infrastructure and has produced approximately 4.9 million barrels of Oil and 12 billion cubic feet of gas.

Until now the companies initiated several programs to maximize the significant upside production potential of the companies owned by the MII Holding to enhance the production from these fields. A number of programs were initiated within the first year. These included commencement of work over programs and recompilation of existing producing wells.

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Well, If the above facts are in your specific case appropriate and you identify yourself in this person, then you should draw not only a line to come out from this situation but restart successful as broker and trader appointed by the MII, because working for the MII and using an MII corporate email account to manage your correspondence and any queries regarding outstanding requirements coming from the respective buyer and seller (oil company, producer, supplier, end-user), is without exaggerate the Key Of Success and will open the door for you not only to the respective buyers, but also put you in the position to receive a benefit in form of guaranteed fees and commission which each broker working for the MII is entitled to receive for the sale and purchase that come to final conclusion and this gentleman is regulated after the US substantive law to the exclusion of its rules of conflicts of law and the UN Convention on contracts for the International Sale of Goods from Vienna, 11th April 1980 [CISG], 

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The MII Oil Holding Inc is registered and approved by The United Nations and issued a registry number (United Nation/UNCSD Supplier No.: 49418 and UNGM Reg. Number: 107310). With the proper inquiry to the Russian Ministry of Energy, you will also be able to confirm the long standing position and reputation of MII Oil Holding with the U.S. Dept of Defense, DOG, DLA as well with Saudi Aramco and other producers around the world.

MII Oil Holding

The companies associated with the MII Holding Groupe are being involved in the development and acquisition of oil and gas properties in the Middle East area and other parts of the world since 1982. Its wholly owned company Mormina Oil & Energy Inc., was founded in 1986, the Meridian Oil Corporation was founded in 1978, the wholly owned B & B Petrol Inc., entering in the group in 1999, and the wholly owned MII Oil Holding Inc., was founded 2011.

If you want to have more information about the Geothermal, Geothermal Power Plant and the clean energy please click on the MII Geothermal Holding banner that will link you onto the MII Geothermal Website on which you will have all necessary technical details and other information about the new power and energy of the coming future