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The companies of the MII Holding have been involved since 1982 in the development and acquisition of Oil and gas properties in the Middle East Area and other parts of the world. The MII Oil Holding Inc is an oil and energy company which explores for, produces and trades in a range of energy resources. We explore for and produce oil and gas and we create essential products from them, such as fuels and petrochemicals. We also have a broad portfolio of solar power and geothermal interests. The MII Oil Holding provides consultancy and technical services as well as research and development expertise to the energy industry.

It has been MII Holding strategy to:

Identify and acquire significant upside potential!

Limit the technical and political risks of its activities by focusing on Oil and gas producing projects that have been initiated but not frilly developed!

Execute an agreement with a stable government and align its interests with those of several joint venture partners!

Export Oil and gas produced and receive revenues in hard currency guaranteed by irrevocable L/C's drawn on western banks!

The principal operations of our joint ventures are contained in several Block Areas located in Middle East, Africa and South America. The primary producing fields and refineries associates with MII Holding are giant gas accumulations within the highly prolific Crude Oil that stretches from the Yemen to the Caspian Sea.

In the first years of operation of the fields, the companies of the MII Holding and his associated companies have established several western style base camps and fields’ offices in Middle East, Turkmenistan, Africa and South America, refurnished existing infrastructure and has produced approximately 4.9 million barrels of Oil and 12 billion cubic feet of gas.

To date the associates companies initiated several programs to maximize the significant upside production potential of the companies owned by the MII Holding. To enhance the production from these fields, a number of program, where initiated within the first year. These included commencement of work over programs and recompilation of existing producing wells.

Searching & recovering

Find out how the MII Oil Holding explores for and extracts oil and natural gas, and builds and operates the worldwide network to deliver these hydrocarbons to market.

Refining & selling

Learn how the MII Oil Holding refines crude oil to produce substances vital to industrial processes and about our oil products sold in the world's largest single-brand retail network.

Alternative energy

Discover what the MII Oil Holding has been doing to research and develop new energy sources: wind energy, solar power, geothermal and others.

Global Solutions

The MII Oil Holding Global Solutions provides cutting-edge consultancy and technology services to petrochemical and processing industries.

Explore our industry

How are oil and gas fields formed and tapped? What types of alternative energies are there? Learn more about the energy industry.

Corporate advertising

Discover how the MII Oil Holding’s global advertising and media partnerships project our efforts to meet the world’s energy challenge – and how we create a debate around it.


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