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History has unfortunately caught up with us again because what happened with Ukraine what no one could have imagined in the third millennium, namely, a war is reality and this affects not only Europe but the entire world, a war which as usual, is not about money, gold or oil, but to realize the vision of a man who like Catherine the Great wants to make the beautiful Russia as his own empire without regard to human losses, a vision in which other people whose names we do not want to mention have already failed and have achieved only one thing, namely death, grief, tears but a reconstruction of several countries that has lasted of the decades and to this day has left scars that remain forever. 

Conditioned by this historical fact we deeply regret to must inform all our customers that the MII Holding Groupe, including all our subsidiaries, will with immediate effect of today cease to supply all products which we have received for more than 28 years originally from well-known oil companies and suppliers from the Russian Federation.

In addition, we would also like to inform all suppliers who have supplied to the MII Holding Groupe, including all our subsidiaries of technical equipment and materials for platforms, refineries, Pipelines, etc., etc. that were destined for the herein-mentioned well-known oil companies and suppliers of the Russian Federation that the MII Holding Groupe and all our subsidiaries are forced to revoke, cancel and to suspend any order of this technical equipment and materials for platforms, refineries, etc., etc. destined to platforms, refineries, etc., etc. for oil companies and suppliers of the Russian Federation.

The Supervisory and Executive Board of MII Holding Groupe have already predicted this scenario more than four (4) months ago and decided for safety reasons to secure new quotas of crude oil. gas and refined products of oil companies and suppliers from the Middle East but also from South America in order to avoid any delivery delay, especially in order to continue to supply our customers with equivalent products without applying the Force Majeure clause, which in this specific case, many other suppliers what obtained products from the Russian Federation already did, because they were intentionally or unintentionally unable to foresee this scenario, but perhaps also because they could not or did not want to believe what we as MII Holding Groupe predicted months ago.

We wish that in this region will be no further extreme and serious escalation as well as the loss of innocent lives which are always the losers in a senseless war and that through the diplomatic efforts of the Security Council of the United Nations this escalation could be destabilized as soon as possible because the history of the last 400 years has shown that a war has never solved a problem and all those who occupied the territory and the sovereignty of another country for personal reasons and for their selfishness must not be accepted or tolerated by the entire free and democratic world.

We pray for all who have already lost their lives to this tragic circumstance, hurt, or suffering mental and physical damage and we still hope that there will be no further escalations and that the responsible persons in this scenario are not only aware of what is done with such actions but to make the right decisions so that there is no further escalation