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Welcome at the MII Oil Holding site for brokers and traders 

You have obeyed and followed our advice and suggestion and with it we suppose that you belong to the thousands of other brokers and traders which made the same experience we have remarked below and wasted not only precious time but in addition also spent a lot of money without having received neither an advance nor a benefit.

Are you at the opinion to have spent thousand of hours, days, weeks, months, years and also wasted precious time in the Oil industry?
Are you at the opinion to have neglected your family and to have had never time for your own woman, your son or your daughter?
Are you at the opinion to have invested and thrown money in oil and fuel transactions with the hope to have a beneficial return?
Are you at the opinion to have fallen into certain assents that never have been kept and added to you only damage?
Are you at the opinion to have spent pointlessly enormous amounts of travelling expenses, hotel accommodation, meetings, business lunches, telephone costs etc. etc?

If you are sure that you can make this job and now ready to change your life after all the bad experiences and to made a new start without risks and without wasting longer other precious time, to receive fees and commissions that is guaranteed and assured by a regularly MII-GTC broker agreement and not by worthless assents or promises, and have you enough experience in the oil business, then you should click on one of the two pictures that leads you automatically to the PDF file document in which you will find not only very important information, but also specific data and facts so that you have an idea what you have to expect and which successful sow's addictions we guarantee to allow that you to transact true and genuine sales and and to receive fees and commission.

Read very carefully the information, data and fact written in the PDF file document and should you being satisfied from what is described in the PDF file document than we can suggest only to apply as MII broker using the below subscription form. The MII compliance department will provide to each applicant the application form upon that the online subscription was successful to allow that the applicant can complete, fulfill, sign and send the application form for final review and approval back to the MII compliance department. 

Once that the Compliance Department approved applicant as MII broker the applicant will receive a letter of representative in form of Certificate as MII broker (sample is enclose in the PDF file document), the access to whole MII service and Network and the MII corporate email account to manage the entire correspondence and any queries regarding outstanding requirements coming from the respective buyer and seller (oil company, producer, supplier, end-user).

​​Key of Success for individual brokers and traders interested to work and receive fees and commission for the sale and purchase of our products  ​​